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TTA Character Audition Sheets

These are PostScript files compressed with 'gzip'. They have been made to match the originals as closely as possible, including typographical errors as well as format, other than the graphics on the Title page, which underwent serious correction due to some original at some point likely being in color and not enduring the transition to black & white photocopy. The original, unedited, scan is also available for those that want it for some reason. :-) The image used in its HTML page has had the color put in.

If your browser doesn't automaticly display these, or if want to print them out, you can download them and use 'gunzip' on them, then use a PostScript displayer (your browser may be able to handle it once uncompressed, or see if you have 'ghostview') or PostScript compatible printer as you like.

When viewing the HTML versions of the character sheet pages, please note I use a small font to layout/view them, to give a true 80 columns without having to side-scroll, and particularly in the case of Babs's and some others, it will effect your alignment of the text.

    Default Format Info
    File Size Info
    Group Documents by Type instead of by Topic/Character.

    Page(s)  Topic / HTML   PostScript   Image*  AscII  Pics    D-I-Y
    -------  ------------   ----------------------------------------------
             (Index)  Image   AscII          Info
       1     Title Page      Image   AscII  1 Old   Info
       2     Intro      Image   AscII          Info
       3     Buster & Babs      Image   AscII  Pic     Info
      4-5    Buster Bunny    1 2     AscII  1 2 3   Info
      6-7    Babs Bunny    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
      8-9    Plucky Duck    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
     10-11   Hamton Pig    1 2     AscII  1 2 3   Info
     12-13   Montana Max    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
     14-15   Elmyra    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
     16-17   Shirley    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
     18-19   Fifi LaFume    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
      20     Sweetie      Image   AscII  Pic     Info
     21-22   Gogo Dodo    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
     23-24   Lil' Sneezer    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
     25-26   Dizzy Devil    1 2     AscII  Pic     Info
      27     Concord Condor      Image   AscII  1 2     Info
      28     Furrball /
                Calamity      Image   AscII  1 2     Info
      29    Beeper/Bookworm      Image   AscII  1 2     Info
      30     Classic WB      Image   AscII          Info
*Image: These are actually images of the full pages at 300 dpi.
Click here for more info on how to get and use these files!

This is still in-progress, but almost there, and if you want to drop me a line about how it has worked, or hasn't worked for you, or need the plain AscII versions of the PostScripts, or just want to give a comment or suggestion, please drop an e-mail to I have gotten word that they do print, thanks!

Current Status (3/11/2002): How times change. I'm still using that 'dredded Intel box,' but now have a domain of my own too. So since moving to I've been redoing my pages to all be more dynamically generated with my new web page code. As such, for these pages they've all been simplified internally, so they use the same code. They'll look pretty simular to before as far as what you'll see though. It does mean now the Audition Sheets all have the frame layout, which I hadn't finished previously.
It's interesting looking back at the old entries. Feels nice to get to make a new one. :-)

Status (1/29/98): Well, long-time-no-update here. I've since broken down and bought one of those dredded Intel boxes of my own, and gotten much improved tools as well.
The big update this time is a full selection of image outputs of the PostScript files so that you don't need a PostScript printer to get the quality output. Be sure to check the info from above for how to use these files. These are not scans of the pages themselves. These are created from the cleaned up PostScript files so are actually of better quality than my copies of the pages. Also as an advantage perhaps over the PostScripts as well, after converting them to 300 dpi gifs, I went through and enhanced all the images in them to take out all the "staircasing" or pixlizing when the images were resized. This has resulted in them looking quite good, at pretty much 300 dpi, compared to the 200 dpi in their original format. Of course if you had a really good PostScript printer, it would likely have handled the images well also. But this way you don't have to worry if you do or don't.
I hope these are of use to people! Please let me know if there are any problems with the images or any of the pages when you try using them, or if simply have questions.

Status (11/6/96): Yes! Finally, it's `unsupported,' but they have Netscape for my SCO Unix.. I believe you're going to like the improvements I'm working on. :-) To see what's up, check Cs0405 - Buster, and Cs0607 - Babs, HTML pages. I've already figured out frames and since they needed a separate HTML page, I added tables to those as well, while leaving the non-frames page without, so that should work for pretty much everyone, including Lynx browsers. More page reworks to come!

Status (10/22/96): Fixed small typo of mine in all Cs1819 (Fifi) documents (HTML, ASCII, and PostScript). We'll have these things absolutely perfect eventually. :-)
Also added a bunch of Do-It-Yourself info files and updated the By-Type listing page.

Status (8/26/96): Fixed small typo of mine in all Cs0809 (Plucky) documents (HTML, ASCII, and PostScript).

Status (8/14/96): Yes, I haven't gotten a lot done with these pages in a while; I had been working on getting my picture pages up, so hopefully everyone is happy with that. :-)
But finally some changes here, as you likely noticed already. I've gotten a new Mosaic at work, which can now handle background and text color and images, so I've spruced some things up. Part of that being the HTML pages for the Character Sheets. They are now a true black on white, have real underlines instead of `emphasized,' and been able to take the borders out from around the main images, which really makes them look better, particularly with the split up images like Babs and Sweetie, et al. This Mosaic still doesn't handle Tables correctly, so looks like I'll have to wait for that a bit more. But still, I think they're looking really nice!
I've found that Lucida Bright Small font works really well with viewing the preformatted pages, by the way. I also have found a gzip file uncompresser and PostScript viewer for the PC's for free download, but I'll have to find that address again from a friend.

Status (4/18/96): Have added a couple Do-It-Yourself info files.

Status (4/16/96): Cs29 - Little Beeper / Bookworm, and Cs30 - Classic WB Cast, are now both complete. That's all of them, folks! YAY! :-) I believe it's been a good six months and plenty of work, but this leaves pretty much just the Do-It-Yourself info for me to wrap up and post here.

Also, I have added a COLORIZED VERSION of the Babs Bunny cheerleader bonus picture! :-)

Status (3/27/96): The image for Cs01, the Title Page, HTML has been colorized (I really need some better X-window drawing tools..), to reflect what the original probably looked like. Also the HTML for Cs2526 - Dizzy Devil has been put in. Next up is Cs29 - Beeper / Bookworm, the second from last page!

Status (3/11/96): The Sweetie and Gogo HTML pages have been added.

Status (3/7/96): Okay, Cs28 - Furrball / Calamity is now complete, as well as the HTML page. Hope someone's getting use out of these, because all that bit-cleaning is plenty of work. :-) I'm still using the newer PostScript driver for this one, as I haven't heard word for the better or worse on the Concord page, so assume they're working pretty much the same. I have also added the Sweetie and Gogo HTML pages.

Feel free to check out my main home page and wander around. I've got a few pics of mine out there, and will be putting up more as I can get them scanned. Still working on reorganizing all of my pages, which you'll notice.

Enjoy a little non-character sheet related Babs Bunny Bonus Picture! Actually just a little something extra I scanned up and am still fixing up, but its current state still looks okay. It's a Cheerleading Babs, and really cute. :-) [11K, B&W, dither shading, in progress.] (Or see the color version mentioned above!)

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