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Information on Images of Character Background pages

*Image: These are actually images of the full pages at 300 dpi, created from the PostScript files, for those that don't have PostScript compatible printers or software. I know Netscape at the least has a hard time if you try to actually view these in the browser itself.

Instead, Right Click the link and select 'Save Link As..' and download them to your hard drive. Note where you saved them. (Most of the files range in size from 50K to 140K each.)

Once you have the image(s) on your drive, use whatever tools and viewers you have to display or print them. Preferably if you can, indicate that the images are at 300 dpi and have it print using the entire 8.5 x 11 inch page, instead of squeezing it to the "printable area" of it. If you can't, you'll simply have a smaller, perhaps off-centered printing. I use a commercial program for doing that. If someone knows a more readily availabe means for people to do so, let me know.
I would first suggest trying whatever graphics programs you have that handle GIFs. After that, for the PCs, I might suggest Microsoft Word, or try and see if you can get WordPad to handle it. Or worse comes to worse, have your browser print it, if it can. I'd test it, but my printer isn't working.

Good luck!

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