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Jamie's TTA Misc. Pics: Character Sheets

These are the various pictures used in the Tiny Toon Adventure Character Audition and Breakdown pages. The few 'misc.' items aren't here as they were in the sheets for completeness and probably don't hold much artistic interest to most. :-)

[Buster and Babs Pic] (10K) (sml=3K) Page 1 - Buster and Babs on the cover sheet / title page, in color.
[Buster and Babs Pic] (7K) (sml=3K) Same, but no color.
[Buster and Babs Pic] (8K) (sml=4K) Same as the previous one, execpt before I cleaned it up.
[Buster and Babs Pic] (23K) (sml=11K) Page 3 - Buster and Babs, a comedy team.
[Buster Pic] (9K) (sml=4K) Page 5 - Buster Bunny.
[Babs Pic] (12K) (sml=6K) Page 7 - Babs Bunny.
[Plucky Pic] (7K) (sml=3K) Page 9 - Plucky Duck.
[Hamton Pic] (7K) (sml=3K) Page 11 - Hamton J. Pig.
[Monty Pic] (14K) (sml=7K) Page 13 - Montana Max.
[Elmyra Pic] (13K) (sml=6K) Page 15 - Elmyra Duff.
[Shirley Pic] (8K) (sml=4K) Page 17 - Shirley the Loon (a.k.a. Shirley McLoon).
[Fifi Pic] (14K) (sml=6K) Page 19 - Fifi La Fume.
[Sweetie Pic] (5K) (sml=3K) Page 20 - Sweetie.
[Gogo Pic] (6K) (sml=3K) Page 22 - Gogo Dodo.
[Sneezer Pic] (4K) (sml=2K) Page 24 - Lil' Sneezer.
[Dizzy Pic] (10K) (sml=5K) Page 26 - Dizzy Devil.
[Concord Pic] (7K) (sml=3K) Page 27 - Concord Condor.
[Furrball Pic] (4K) Page 28 - Furrball.
[Calamity Pic] (7K) (sml=3K) Page 28 - Calamity Coyote.
[Little Beeper Pic] (6K) (sml=3K) Page 29 - Little Beeper.
[Bookworm Pic] (2K) Page 29 - Bookworm.

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