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Jamie's Tiny Toon Drawings and Doodles Collection

Here are just some of my various sketches, doodles, and whatnot I thought might (or might not :-) be of at least some minor intest hopefully. Stuff will become available as I can get it scanned.

Watch Out!

[Buster and Yakko Pic] (15K) Buster and Yakko get in a little golf. This was drawn entirely in ink from the start, so pretty much no editing of it at all, and with no reference material.. I did need to touch up a couple small lines on Yakko's pants because I had drawn them a bit small since I couldn't quite remember how they looked at the time.

Native Babs

[Babs Pic] (51K) (sml=16K) Babs Bunny goes naive.. er native from "No Toon is an Island". That part partially cut off is "The literal translation is..", which isn't in the final inked or colored versions. Those versions are now available! You can check them out on the Finished/Inked page.

B.B. vs. E.B.

[Babs and Energizer Pic](21K) (sml=12K) Babs Bunny vs. the Energizer Bunny.. I was thinking of making a nice little four frame comic of this, and drew up the second square to start, doing it fairly quicky and rather liked how it came out. Never got to really do the rest, but you probably get the idea. :-)

Buster "Indian" Bunny

[Buster Pic](34K) (sml=10K) This was made back when I was at MSU, when they decided to change the name of the machine to, because they wanted to name all the servers after oceans.. Do you think I was happy about it? Maybe not.


[Mortimer Pic](27K) (sml=9K) Babs's sibling Mortimer. It's one I doodled up while taking notes in my Physics class. A fun class, yes? :-) What I had in mind was the scene from "Prom-ise Her Anything," but the pickaxe doesn't show here.

Faces of Furrball

[Furrball Pic](16K) (sml=9K) Just a couple of my better test trials of drawing Furrball.


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They are a Brazilian group of designers and editors, and the page is not in English. Not sure why this page won over some of my other ones such as the Character Sheets, but maybe it's because it's not language-dependant. That or they're just mooking for a link. But what the heck, I can mook with the best of them. ;-)

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