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Tiny Toons OCTOBER 2003 Calendar

[October - The Last Toonfighter - by Atariboy]
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5 6 [Birthday: Mike Sherry (author)]7 [Birthday: Daniel Short aka Doc (author)]8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 [Birthday: Urian Dang aka Udx (author)]16 [Birthday: Kevin Mickel (author)]17 18
[Birthday: Leloni Bunny (author/artist)]19 20 21 22 23 24 [Birthday: Felicia Tabby (artist)]25
26 27 [Birthday: The Cybernator (artist)]28 29 30 31



Oct 7th Birthday: Mike Sherry (author)
Extreme Pluck
I'm Miffed
Oct 8th Birthday: Daniel Short aka Doc (author)
Battle of the Rich
The Time of Wonders Series
The Wing Commander Saga, 
Crash Bandicoot's Tiny Toon Adventure
Diamond Snatchers (the first TTA RPG story; incomplete)
Oct 13th Columbus Day [USA]
Oct 13th Canada Thanksgiving [Canada]
Oct 16th Birthday: Urian Dang aka Udx (author)
The Lost World
Jurassic Duck
Die Barney Die prolouge
Oct 17th Birthday: Kevin Mickel (author)
The Buster and Babs Trilogy
Pluck Amuck
Bunny Bedlam
A Short Short Story
MNTT:TOSOC prologue, chapters 5, 10
Ducks Out Of Luck
Oct 18th Sweetest Day
Oct 19th Birthday: Leloni Bunny (author/artist)
Buster Loves...Elmyra?
We're Off to See the Wizard, Tiny Toons Style!
Shirley Comes Home
Lola vs Babs
November 2001 TTA Calendar Picture
January 2002 TTA Calendar Picture
Oct 25th Birthday: Felicia Tabby (artist)
October 2000 TTA Calendar Picture
September 2001 TTA Calendar Picture
Oct 26th Daylight Savings Time ends (clock back) [N. hem.]
Oct 28th Birthday: The Cybernator (artist)
October 1999 TTA Calendar Picture
Oct 31st Halloween

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"The Last Toonfighter"
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