These are the image files for the new NCC-82016 Maximillian seal as of September 5th, 2010.

For any quality printing the "ForPrint" images should be used! You will likely not want to try and view those in your web browser though. The PNG file is is over 2 MB, and the Photoshop file is nearly 7 MB. Right click on an image link and choose Save Target As... or Save Link As... to save it direct to your computer. Both of them have image transparency which is supported by both MS Word and Open Office, and likely most all other editors, so can be used with any background colors, have text wrap around it, and the like. They are both equal quality, so you will likely want to use the smaller PNG, but the Photoshop file is provided in case needed, or for using in other photoshop works.

The "WebLowRes" images should be good for displaying on web pages, in email, and items like that. The largest of them should also be okay for printing where the image will be quite small on the printed document.