Bugs, Daffy, Porky and the rest of the old gang will
          make cameo appearances in "Tiny Toon Adventures."

          Generally, they appear at the Acme Looniversity, where
          they instruct this new generation in the art of cartoon
          mayhem.  There are safe-dropping classes, tips on running
          through walls, bug-eyed-take demonstrations, file clips of
          the old stars in action and everything else needed for an
          education in Warner-style cartoon comedy.

          When a Tiny Toon character is having a particularly
          hard time in a short, that character is sent to a classroom
          for a special tutorial session with their classic counterpart.
          For instance, if Montana Max is failing miserably at outwitting
          Buster Bunny, Yosemite Sam will be there to point out the problem
          and give him specific advice to overcome it.

          BUGS BUNNY
          Teaches "Wisecracks 101," and "Advanced Hunter
          Heckling," and is University Principal. Buster's favorite teacher.

          DAFFY DUCK
          Handles the "Wild Takes" class, and "Beak Surgery." Plucky's
          favorite teacher."

          YOSEMITE SAM
          Teaches "Varmint Blasting for Beginners," and "How to be
          a Class Clown's Foil."  Monty's favorite teacher.

          Teaches "Hound-teasing tricks," "Dog Obedience," and
          serves as Contact Sports Coach.

          ELMER FUDD
          Teaches "Cartoon Wogic" and "Introduction to Wabbits."
          Elmyra's favorite teacher.

          Teaches "Mayhem 300," "Search & Devour."  Dizzy's favorite

          WILE E. COYOTE
          Teaches "Falling," "Advance Explosives," and "Acme
          Consumer/Product Awareness."  Calmity Coyote's favorite teacher.

          PORKY PIG
          Teaches "Cartoon Props and How to Use Them," "Oral Interpretation,"
          and "Sidekicks for Saps."  Hamton's favorite teacher.

          The school secretary and nurse.  Occasional substitute teacher.

          PEPE LE PEW
          Teaches "Romance Languages," and "The Basics of Bad Accents."
          Fifi's favorite teacher.