Little Beeper is a speed demon, a natural athlete, a bolt
          of lightening in tennis shoes.  He is the fastest student
          at Acme Loo.  His natural instincts always triumph over Calamity
          Coyote's cerebral schemes; what's more, his speed and grace
          make it seem easy.  And he knows it.  Like any good athelete,
          Little Beeper watches what he eats; unlike Calamity, who watches
          what he'd like to eat zoom off into the distance.  Speaks soley
          in sound-effects.
                                   [Little Beeper Picture]

          This cute little worm crawls around Acme Acres, reading his
          books and trying to avoid becoming Sweetie's dinner.  He
          can often be found going through the shelves at the Acme
          Looniversity.  He is extremely well read; one can always find
          him reading a book, and then swallowing it up when he's
          through.  Books are his primary source of nourishment.  Bookworm
          is a mute character except for a few gulps and chewing sounds.

                                    [Bookworm Picture]