A pathetic, feline version of Chaplin's tramp.  Furrball is
          afraid of everything.  He's a scaredy cat.  Flea-ridden
          Furrball lives on the street where he is most often a comic
          victim.  His primary goal in life is to find a home.
          Furrball tends to represent the epitome of 'pathos'.
          Occassionally, Furrball will find a temporary home, only to
          become entangled with the likes of Elmyra, Sweetie or Sneezer;
          all of which send him running back to the streets!  He speaks
          very rarely, except for a few typical cat sounds.

                               [Furrball Picture]


          Calamity Coyote is a techno-wiz prodigy.  He's a young genius
          with a knack for jerry-rigging any toy into an instrument
          of destruction.  Little Beeper, the object of his pursuit,
          is always one step ahead...  His experiments generally start out
          brilliantly, then conclude by blowing up in the coyote's face.
          Still, the little coyote has perseverance.  He gets back on his
          feet, only to trip right over them again.  Calamity is jealous
          of Beeper's athletic prowess, and lives for the day when he can
          catch the fleet-footed bird.  To that end, the coyote employs a
          wide array of roadrunner catching devices which he orders from
          the Acme Shopping Network.  Calamity is almost completely mute.

                               [Calamity Coyote Picture]