Dizzy is a rowdy, hyperactive ball of fur and teeth.
          Born permanently hungry, Dizzy is always on the lookout
          for something to eat, be it a box of pizza rolls
          or one of his classmates from Acme Loo.   To Dizzy, most of the
          other animals are potential food sources.

          Dizzy Devil is Acme Acres resident party animal, always on
          the lookout for a happening gig to crash.  The other characters
          know this, and try to keep their parties a secret, but somehow
          Dizzy always finds out.  Once there, he's the beast that
          won't leave, that one last annoying guest who's still blaring
          the stereo and dancing on the furniture long after the hosts
          have gone to bed.  Dizzy loves having a good time, raising
          a racket and eating to excess.  Turn-offs include Quiet Zones,
          watching calories, easy listening stations and wise-cracking
          rabbits who won't let Dizzy catch them.

          Dizzy tries to eat his way through anything, trees, buildings,
          mountains... you name it!  He's a junk food junkie.

          Dizzy's long wet tongue is forever hanging out of his mouth.
          It's so long that it sometimes scrapes against the ground...
          When spinning, Dizzy sometimes gets tangled up in it!

          A junior version of the Tasmaniain Devil, Dizzy is the ID
          of a kid.  He does everything bad that has ever crossed a
          kid's mind.  But, while most kids have brakes, this guy does
          not.  The Tasmanian Devil often offers Dizzy moronic and
          indecipherable tutorials at Acme Loo.

          Dizzy speaks in mono-syllabic thoughts.

AUDITION COPY DIZZY DEVIL: (in his whirling dervish mode, he stops and looks around) #%"$&"%*"*("("!!!&&"(&*)(*-)+"!! (seeing a rabbit) &"%&%!!! Bunny yummy!!! $#$##@!! (gets bonked on the head) %$$#%*&()+)!!! Ouch*&"%"%$$%#!! (angrier, then suddenly dumbfounded) ##$e%!!!$$#%$"$"%&"%&" Huh?!!! (seeing pretty girl and flirting) @%$#%$% Woo woo! @%##"%"% Babe!! (Dialogue) Dizzy on a strict liquid and rabbit diet! @ @@Q3@@-@@"!!!
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