Sneezer is an adorable baby mouse who explodes with horrendously
          loud and powerful sneezes.  He can blow the leaves off trees,
          the stripes off zebras, and topple buildings like dominoes
          with one of his mighty blasts.

          Sneezer is forever falling victim to strange allergies which
          send him on a sneezing binge.  His allergies kick in at strange
          times in the most unexpected places.

          Sneezer relates to everyone older than him as an adult.
          He always refers to other characters, as "Mister" or
          "Ma'am."  He never calls anyone by name, it's always, "Hey,

          When Sneezer is not sneezing, he's babbling endlessly about
          practically nothing...  His incessant chatter drives other
          characters up the wall.  He's an inquisistive mouse with
          a million questions.

          Sneezer is too naive to immediately recognize danger, so
          he often innocently wanders into cat, condor or Elmyra territory.
          He must then use the luck of an innocent, his strong sneezes
          or the help of stronger characters to survive.

QUOTABLES: "Bless me! I been sick." "Anyone got a hankie?" "I'm 'lergic." AUDITION COPY SNEEZER: (wide-eyed curiosity) Do you like to climb trees, huh, do ya? How many trees do you think there are in these woods? (frightened) Why, hello there Mr. Cat. My, your paw sure is soft. Except for those claws. I bet you could really hurt somebody with those sharp claws, I bet, I do. And, gosh, look at all those teeth. (Gulp) That's close enough, I can see them fine from here. (starts sniffing) I'm 'lergic to kitty cats... Ah Ah Ah... CHEW!!!
[Lil' Sneezer Picture]