Gogo is a cute but zany dodo bird.  He resides in Wackyland,
          a confused, Dali-esque realm where bizarre backgrounds change
          every second, and denizens include giant eyeballs, Picasso-styled
          faces, and zanies with their heads on upside down.

          A pure cartoon character, Gogo Dodo is the last of his species.
          He is a living non-sequitur, the unofficial Wackyland goodwill
          ambassador, ready to disorient any Acme Acres resident who
          wanders into his bizarre territory.  When the Toons are feeling
          adventurous, they enter Wackyland.  The speedy bird takes them
          on a whirlwind tour of this crazy zone.  Cavorting improbably
          against the fantastic Wackylandscape, Gogo Dodo shatters every
          rule of animation.  Reality isn't in his bag of tricks.

          Gogo Dodo is Wackyland's transfer student to Acme Looniversity.
          Gogo operates by his own set of rules, which means no rules.
          The crazy dodo is liable to turn up rowing a rubber raft through
          the halls of the Looniversity, ice-skating in mid-air, drawing
          doors on the wall and squeezing himself through the key hole,
          or turning himself inside out and parading around as a No-pest

          The only character with whom Gogo relates is Babs; they have
          a similar 'anything goes' personality.

          He has a silly voice that draws little distinction between
          words and a lot of "Gerald McBoing Boing" style sound effects.

QUOTABLES: "Vo, do, do, dee, oh... !" AUDITION COPY GOGO DODO: (singing "Tutti Fruiti") Tutti fruiti! Oh Rudy! Tutti fruiti! Oh Rudy! Tutti fruiti! Oh Rudy! A womp bop-a-lu-la a lom-bam-boom! (in normal voice) Ya gotta get up early if ya wanna be awake. And you can take that to the bank, pal! (laughs) (he makes the sound of a car starting) Outa my way! Coming through! Beep-beep! (sound of screeching breaks) (rambling) The white zone is for the loading and unloading of green and red zones only. (barking) Please leave a message at the sound of the (siren) everybody limbo!!! (goofy laughter)
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