Our skunkette whose fumes can be lethal.

          When Fifi falls in love, she goes to town.  She pursues her
          would-be suitor with wreckless abandon.  She'll do anything
          to snare her prey.  She buys new clothes and expensive perfumes,
          but nothing seems to work.  She never seems to get the guy.
          Fifi is a skunk, and she stinks to high heaven.  Love brings
          out the aroma in Fifi.

          She is somewhat of a feminist, and believes that there is
          nothing a boy can do that she couldn't do just as well.

          Babs, Shirley and Fifi are all close friends.  They hang out
          together and tend to goof off a lot.

          Fifi can use her long fluffy tail for a number of things
          including a pillow, pom-poms, a furry boa, or a snare for
          some luckless 'suitor'.

          Fifi lives in an abandoned pink Cadillac at the Acme junkyard.
          She can often be found lounging on her bed, listening to
          music and snacking on bon-bons, waiting for a potential love
          interest to come her way.

          She speaks with a French accent, often mixing languages.

AUDITION COPY FIFI: (smitten) Oooooh... my totally awesome beau, you are like ripe brie in my arms... (kiss, kiss) (surprised) What's this? My jiggling gigolo wants to play hide and go seek? --- I am almost finding you, my little pepperoni of passion... (hurt and rejected) Where are you, my little burger du fromage? Your French-fried tomatoe is missing you! ... Alone again! Poor, poor Fifi. No one loves you. Le boo! Le hoo! Le boo hoo.
[Fifi La Fume Picture]