Shirley is a young clairvoyant waterfowl with extraordinary
          psychic powers. She's adept at mind reading, channeling and
          projecting her aura, (a glowing likeness of herself with a
          mind of its own).  Always in a state of unflappable cosmic oneness,
          Shirley is the spaciest Toon in Acme Acres.  Many characters
          regard Shirley as a flake, but she takes their skeptisism
          philosophically; "I know I'm at one with the spiritual plane.
          Besides, in your next lives, you're all coming back as avocados,
          so there."

          She is our New Age space cadet and mystic.  Her head is in
          the clouds and her mind is in a galaxy far, far away.  She's
          into E.S.P., telekinesis, astrology, crystals, tarot cards,
          tea leaves, palm reading, levitation and reincarnation.

          Shirley has hundreds of past lives.  You name it, Shirley
          has been it.  The aura can float out of her body, punch somebody,
          then return, all while Shirley is serelnely meditating. The
          aura sometimes lags behind, causing Shirley to lean
          back into a room and whistle for it.

          Shirley is usually sitting in a lotus position, chanting
          "OHMMM" while floating several feet above the ground; while
          the rest of the gang tries in vain to scale a wall, Shirley
          simply floats over it.

          Known to answer questions before they're asked, Shirley is not
          your average Toon.  Buster thinks Shirley is a hoot.  Babs can
          relate to her; they're both 'out there'.  Fifi is Shirley's
          best friend; she believes in Shirley's prophesies, especially
          when they relate to romance.  Monty doesn't belive in Shirley
          at all.

          Her American voice is that of a Southern California Valley
          Girl, 'ditzy' sounding, more likely to shop than channel.  The
          humor in her voice characterization should stem from a
          juxtaposition of extremes - thus, our New Age Materialist.
          Shirley's voice should reflect some sort of comedic irony
          and include extreme teenage, coloquial pronunciations.

QUOTABLES: "Owha toloon iam... " "Om... Or some junk." AUDITION COPY SHIRLEY MCLOON: (meditating, then singing) Ommmmm... Ommmmm on the range, where the deer and the antelope play... (normal voice, shocked) Oh no! Deja vu blues! Dizzy Devil, that really lags! This is totally my picnic and you squished my little bug friend. (sympathetic) Poor little buggy. (annoyed) Like, oooooooh... Bad karma, Dizzy! You could be a bug in another life and get squished yourself, or some junk!
[Shirley the Loon Picture]