At heart, Elmyra is a sweet little girl.  She has a deep
          love for animals, but generally cuddles and loves them to
          death.  Literally.  She leaves a trail of destruction wherever
          she goes.  Elmyra means well, but she is oblivious to the
          trouble she causes.  Anyone who allows her to help them
          is courting sure disaster.  Elmyra herself never gets harmed
          by her ineptness, but it boomerangs back on whoever's unlucky
          enough to be near her.

          She has rare moments when she's semi-aware that things haven't
          gone as she'd planned; usually when a pet runs away from
          her or someone shouts at her for messing something up.  Then
          Elmyra bursts into heartbreaking sobs.

          Elmyra lives in a nice, suburban home.  The place is fairly
          average except for the piles of discarded pet toys littering the
          yard and the seven or eight abandoned doghouses and kitty baskets.
          Elmyra's pets are constantly escaping in terror.

          Elmyra has a big crush on Montana Max.  She's sure that
          Monty calls her a "bug-faced little dweeb" because he's too
          shy to admit his real feelings for her.  No matter how many
          times her 'Monty-Wanty' pushes her away, Elmyra remains
          convinced that he feels nothing but undying love for her.

          Elmyra thinks of all the animal characters as cute, cuddly
          things for her to love... Except for Hamton, who she thinks
          is a dirty piggie-wiggie in need of a good bath.

          Elmyra thinks life is 'cute', and she has 'cutesy' names
          for everything.  Rabbits are "hippity-hops," Plucky is "Mr.
          Quack Quack"... et cetera.  She is sweetness to the point of

QUOTABLES: "I love you to pieces!" "That's ginger-peach-a-roon-a-reachie-keen!" "I only wanted to help!" "Bunnies! I love bunnies!" "I loose more pets that way!" AUDITION COPY
                        Oh where oh where have my animals gone,
                        Oh where oh where can they be?
                              (speaking to audience)
                        Oh, hello, I'm Elmyra, and I'm
                        searching for a furry little pet
                        to cuddle and squeeze and hug
                        and kiss and love to peices!
                              (she sees Buster Bunny)
                        Oooooh, a bunny!  I really
                        loooove bunnies.  They're so
                        cute!  I'm gonna take you home
                        and make you my very favorite
                        little hippity hop.
                              (yelling after escaped
                        Hey, come back, bunny!
                        Waaaaaaah!  Bunny went bye-bye!

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