Montana Max is a bullying, cowardly spoiled rich kid who throws
          world-class temper tantrums.  Very bossy and abrasive.  The kid
          you will hate forever.  He has the money to do anything he damn
          well pleases.  He's stupid and greedy, and easy to fleece
          by anyone with half a brain.  His pastimes include counting
          his capital, landscape deforestation, and rabbit stomping.

          Monty enjoys cheating in all forms of competition, oppressing
          the weak, terrorizing the timid, masterminding hostile takeovers
          and watching the compound interest rate climb past twenty
          percent.  Monty hates fair play, honesty and people who stand
          up to him.

          He delights in using his vast fortune to bring misery to others,
          particularly Buster and Babs.  He'll spend any amount of
          money to spoil their fun, but most often winds up bankrupting
          himself in the process.

          Monty is the perfect foil for Buster.  The sawed-off bully's
          temper is matched only by his greed, and Buster is always
          able to bilk some fast bucks out of Monty.

          Deep down, Monty is very insecure and sometimes fears no
          one likes him.  He's right, of course, and occasionally feels
          the need to call "Acme Rend-a-Friend."  Although he yells
          most of the time, sometimes we get glimpses of the real
          kid beneath the temper.

          He lives in the grandest mansion in Acme Acres.  The grounds
          include swimming pools, tennis courts, stables and the like.
          It's the kind of place that would make Donald Trump envious.
          It has signs which read "Poverty Stinks," and "Charity Workers
          Will Be Shot."

          Monty's goal in life is to bring misery into the life of
          happy-go-lucky Buster.  He's not particularly fond of anyone in
          Acme Acres, for that matter... He thinks Babs is a scatterbrain,
          and his only use for Plucky is as a pawn in one of his devious
          plots.  He thinks Elmyra is a drippy little nerd, but will
          occassionally call her into service to help him pester Buster
          and Babs.  Elmyra loves the attention, figuring her 'boyfriend'
          has come around and appreciates her at last.

QUOTABLES: "You can't do this to me! I'm rich!" "Make my day, rabbit!" "Ask me if I care!" AUDITION COPY MONTANA MAX: Nobody calls Montana Max a mal- adjusted munchkin and gets away with it! I'll buy up the ground under their feet and get them arrested for trespassing. (scheming) That's it! I'll use my allowance to buy all of Acme Acres. Nobody has more power than a landlord! (maniacal chuckle) (throwing a tantrum) Whattaya mean Acme Acres isn't for sale! I want it, I want it, I want it! Waaaaaaaaaaah!
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